Julia Benz is a German artist, exploring the interplay of colors and movement.

Her work moves along the aesthetic borderlines and medial possibilities in painting. Seeking the multi-dimensionality of the medium and its effects, she develops a distinctive visual language that transcends the boundaries of the canvas.

Her suspenseful and complex worlds, characterized by wide-ranging dynamics, colorful strength, and compositional finesse, invite you into an abstract cosmos. They stimulate associations and question patterns of perception. Realms of vivid and radiant colors alongside dynamic and abstract forms harmoniously interact with graphic features and a diverse range of materials.

Through her artistic creations, Julia welcomes you to explore a constantly evolving interplay of perspectives and layers of imagery. Consequently, she seeks to evade the boundaries of classical media – resulting in an œuvre characterized by a vivid mixture of works on canvas, site-specific installations, and murals alike.


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