Julia's distinctive style epitomizes the painting of a new generation. Resisting the cold distance of artistic directions based on theoretical contexts and strict formalism, her demand for a new and expressive freedom in painting is strikingly direct.

The artistic approach of Julia Benz embodies the essence of contemporary paintings of a new generation. The young German artist firmly rejects the distant coldness and often associated rationality of theoretical paintings and rigorous artistic formalism. Her quest for a new and expressive freedom in painting is dramatically direct, pushing beyond the traditional aesthetic boundaries of both composition and support. The deliberate use of unconventional color palettes - sometimes almost cacophonous - is crucial in defending the artistic intent behind Benz's works. Additionally, Julia needs to infuse dynamism into the fascinating and intricate worlds of her artistic creations, achieved through strong, gestural brushstrokes intervening explosively, passionately, and sometimes angrily on the polished backgrounds.

The unabashed use of colors and the dissolution of concrete forms into abstract images play a central role in her work. "Colors are emotions to me. They both shock and fascinate me simultaneously, constantly urging me to navigate between the dominance of colors and the sensuality of painting," says Benz. It is precisely this ambivalence that forms the core of her artistic exploration, overlapping, transforming, or dissolving chromatic surfaces with their own supports, often made of unconventional materials such as plexiglass or mirrors. The intention is to capture fleeting moments in the pictorial image, in a contemporary key.

In her artistic journey, Julia Benz has consistently pushed beyond the constraining format of the canvas, venturing into site-specific installations and murals that allow her to create immersive works. Presented in the "Ipogeo" of the gallery is a reinterpretation of the site-specific installation "Floating Spheres," previously exhibited at Hošek Contemporary, the iconic art-boat in Berlin-Mitte. This installation, made of transparent colored and dichroic panels of various geometric shapes suspended and mobile, elevates color to an undisputed protagonist. The interaction between light and material independently transforms the appearance of the installation, responding to the interaction with visitors. The space is radically transformed, becoming a kind of perceptual portal that connects the observer with a dimension of metaphysical dreamlike flavor, similar to the observation of the Northern Lights.

Luisa Catucci 2024

Being a classically trained artist with a deep appreciation for exploring new artistic mediums, her versatile portfolio encompasses the split between traditional canvas pieces to innovative mixed-media installations. Yet, as a passionate and seasoned muralist, she can also proudly reflect on a wealth of experience gained from creating numerous large-scale artworks and public installations.

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