Ardhi Gallery Nairobi

Bringing paper works to showcase in Nairobi
Nairobi, Kenya 2024

Life size art

Featuring Peter Elungat, Olga Tapiola, Anita Naseer, Lily Dolce and Julia Benz.
Open reception: Date: April 13 Time: 4pmÔÇô7pm ­čôŹ Ardhi Gallery

It’s been a while, Crocodile

I’m thrilled to share my recent experience participating in a group exhibition at Ardhi Gallery in Nairobi, Kenya. How did it all come about? Well, there’s a long story intertwining personal and artistic moments from the past.

But let me start by recounting my participation in this group exhibition titled “Life size Art.” What’s unusual for me is my contribution of rather small-scale paper works, but that’s due to my last-minute decision to join this exhibition. As my journey to Kenya was approaching, curator Larissa-Diana Fuhrmann contacted Ardhi Gallery, considering it an apt platform for my first art showcase in Nairobi. I’m truly grateful that it worked out. It’s been quite a while (5 years) since my last long-distance journey.

Maybe two, Kangaroo

We were able to achieve two goals with one action. An exhibition and the first presentation of my work in Kenya, along with the opportunity to create a mural on the gallery’s exterior facade. Unfortunately, this plan quite literally fell through as the heavy storms and rains made it impossible. Yet, it’s another reason to return soon. Moreover, it was a truly special moment for me to exhibit in the incredibly impressive gallery spaces alongside remarkable artists. Among them, Peter Elungart, whose works were the centerpiece of the exhibition. It was a pleasure to meet him in person.

This exhibition at Ardhi Gallery was not just a showcase of art; it was a journey of connection, discovery, and inspiration. Stay tuned for more adventures as I continue to explore and share my artistic endeavors.

Gotta go, Buffalo

As I bid farewell to Ardhi Gallery and Nairobi, I carry with me a trove of memories and experiences that will fuel my artistic journey for years to come. The connections made, the conversations had, and the inspirations gleaned from this exhibition will continue to shape my work and outlook on the world.

But as one chapter closes, another begins. With each step forward, I am eager to embrace new challenges, explore uncharted territories, and share my creative vision with the world. Forever grateful.

┬ę2023 Julia Benz