Ingeborg Suhr Foundation

painting a column
Hamburg 2024

First outdoor project in 2024

In late February of this year, I was invited to Hamburg to implement a pilot project on a column located on the property of the Uwe and Ingebord Suhr Foundation in Hamburg Hammerbrook. What sets this project apart is the location of the column and its connection to the Hamburg Hammerbrook S-Bahn station. The area there is quite barren, and when the working people leave in the evening, it feels deserted, with the large S-Bahn columns cutting through the street.

The aim is to change the gray dullness of the surroundings, and the artist Ingeborg Suhr, shortly before her passing, decided that the column on her foundation’s property should be designed by me. The curator for this project, Heiko Zahlmann, presented several artistic proposals for the project at the end of 2023, and she was enthusiastic about my work and the fact that I collaborate with galleries and execute art in architecture projects.

It must be over 5 degrees Celsius

Due to weather conditions, the project could only be implemented at the end of February. Since the column is a protected monument, a special metal structure was built and attached to it, which I was tasked with designing. Unfortunately, Mrs. Suhr passed away in the meantime; I didn’t have the opportunity to meet her, and she couldn’t witness the finished design of the column.

I am grateful for the trust placed in my work to be the first artist to implement this project. For me, it was relatively easy to design this rather special space. It’s my first column, whose appearance and therefore the painting constantly change depending on the perspective from which you look at it. As a whole, it can never be fully grasped, and that’s what makes it so special. It’s many images at once, or one large one that is constantly evolving.

Many more columns are planned to be designed in Hamburg Hammerbrook, and I am excited to see how this project will evolve based on my work. A big thanks goes to the artist and colleague Heiko Zahlmann, who not only recommended me for this project without my knowledge but also has great confidence in my work.

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Photos 1-4 and 16 by Christian Martin

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