Elements Mural for Biennale Streetart in Padua, Italy


8778135D-2109-4C2B-A182-BC5EA1EC9026 The first Mural and the first Festival participation in 2021. Wow, it felt like an eternity to stand in front of a big wall again and know that a lot of paint is going to be left on it. I was very happy about this year’s invitation to the Street Art Biennale in Padua, Italy.

It was my first visit to Italy as an artist and especially after such a long break, I was excited and full of anticipation before starting this trip. Then to be able to paint such a large facade – the excitement couldn’t be greater! At first I was a bit scared of the altitude, but over time I got used to working at altitude again. Luckily I had Marie Mergler and Addison Karl with me, who helped me to design such a large wall in such a short time.DSCF4062

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