Out of mind. Just in Time. Solo Exhibition at Galerie Gerald Hartinger, Vienna (AUS)

ORF III | Blitzlicht Kultur Heute vom 8.11.2019 from Julia Benz on Vimeo.

On 23rd October the Galerie Gerald Hartinger together with the artist Julia Benz and numerous invited guests celebrated the opening of the exhibition “OUT OF MIND. JUST IN TIME “. In addition to a selection of canvases and paper works, the wall painting designed by Benz on the ground floor of the gallery in Spiegelgasse 21 was admired for the first time this evening.

Galerie Gerald Hartinger welcomes visitors until the 26th of November 2019 and is pleased to present the performance “Satellite” of the artist Julia Benz at the Vienna Art Week 2019 on November  at 1pm.
Galerie Gerald Hartinger)

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