Abstract Series on Paper Summer 2018


The past weeks I worked on a little series on paper. The main theme on that was for me to work on a material, which is not having too high expectations on me – or the other way around 😉 .

My goal was to focus on color and practice creating shapes. It is very difficult to me to create a “quiet” area in a picture. 

The drive of working on these pieces is gone now. I feel empty and ready to start something new, avoiding repeating myself.

773C7D27-90FE-4C51-B6CE-FB947A26DC2E FC1F1A08-4470-4A95-9CB7-4F08ED2AFBDA D3599F63-854A-4B67-9A69-0156AF48378F 13B909BD-DFDD-413F-988C-7F1630A7CF10 9DE0ADAC-D805-4321-BB22-786C3D46B213 C43E7F6D-E7EE-47EF-A596-D07031E3E6A6 0D4CA173-E700-46C5-9450-5D366CD493A7 B926D332-A488-48A0-80AA-70065EC49726 710AE193-9570-480F-9BC2-0439EC209184

Hahnemühle 295g
acrylic, aerosol, ink

Julia Benz 2018