Lütte Deern 2.0 Vessel in Hamburg


Spending the last week in Hamburg and doing some refreshing work on the Vessel named “Lütte Deern” (little girl) I have painted fully two years ago. This time I also did some extra painting inside the Vessel, so the people now can enjoy some painting during the trip as well. It was wonderful to come back to one of my favorite cities in Germany and spending so many hours close to a ship. One of the things that make me very happy.

Thank you to Hubert Neubacher from Barkassen-Meyer for making those crazy Art Projects possible and making the Harbor of Hamburg a bit more colorful, and also to Jens Zotz and Dominic Witthöft for being such a great assistance!






Norbert Wiwianka, Julia Benz and Hubert Neubacher



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Photo by John Bozinov