Floating Spheres

site-specific Installation
Hosek Contemporary, Berlin

Julia Benz presents a new site-specific installation that transforms the unique space of Berlin’s Hošek Contemporary Gallery into an immersive art experience. Titled Floating Spheres, the artist invites not only to look at the presented objects, but also to see our surroundings and ourselves in a new light.

Visitors become participants in a kind of impromptu performance. Iridescent acrylic panels open up a multi-dimensional image through their different shapes and partial transparency, creating a kaleidoscope of light reflections that permeate the entire space through the incident light. It is as if one were wandering through a painting in which the boundaries between viewer and artwork become blurred. As you move through the space, you yourself become part of the installation and see others merge with it. The view changes constantly and the colors make the visitors dance even when they are standing still. You are taken on a journey where space, light and movement come together in a fascinating interplay.

Perspective, graduation and the choice of geometric shapes are classic means of painting, which dissolve here in a site specific installation, can be easily and playfully walked. They test boundaries for their flexibility – a further development of the new series of Julia Benz’s works on canvas, which has already elevated these very reflections from pure painting to objects. Areas of color lie at our feet, streaking across walls and gifting the chosen space with a composition that never repeats itself. Despite the sometimes powdery hues, the effect is not quiet, but powerful and reflects not least the artist herself. Her passion for colors, shapes and playing with the senses permeate every aspect of this installation, giving it a unique mood.

Julia Benz encourages us to reinterpret space and dimensions and to overcome the limits of our own perception: With her installation she leaves the usual boundaries of the two-dimensionality of painting and creates a formative experience for the audience. The play of light on the gently moving panels and the positions of the viewers moving steadily through the space creates a dynamic art experience that challenges our senses. It is an invitation to see and experience the world around us in a whole new way.

©2023 Julia Benz