A new space is born

2023Fousion Gallery
Group show | Barcelona, Spain

Fousion Gallery, after more than 15 years of a trajectory divided in a first period with a solid foundation in the early 2000s alternative urban cultural scene of Barcelona, and a second one from its unique Apartment Gallery in El Born, is inaugurating a new parallel space, open to the public, on the street level at an iconic location: Comerç, 15-B, on November 16th.

From this unique location, it will schedule exhibitions every two months and carry out parallel monthly activities, following the artistic direction that continues its essence and identity, its own ecosystem that has fluctuated between Urban Abstraction and Contemporary Surrealism, incorporating Sound and Visual Art as new means of expression.

A turning point in its trajectory, a new era from which to continue its unique vision and ecosystem, a constant creative and exhibition need based on the fusion of various artistic styles, in collaboration with a versatile international artistic family.

©2023 Julia Benz