Kenor X Julia Benz

collaboration canvas
somewhere in Tarragona, Spain 2022

We don’t communicate verbally during the painting progress – only through our visual language

But let me start from the beginning

We’re somewhere in the beautiful Tarragona region in the heart of Spain. It all started with an idea from our mutual gallery owner at Fousion Gallery in Barcelona. The curator and artist Betty Bigas invited us to set up a picnic and paint in a former stable in the middle of nowhere. Kenor and I, getting to know each other, as our joint exhibition is just around the corner. But perhaps also to exchange artistically. Linguistically, it hasn’t been easy so far; unfortunately, I don’t speak Spanish, and Kenor is a bit reserved in his English.

We arrive, and simultaneously a huge canvas is stretched and the grill is lit. We’re a large group of friends and art enthusiasts from the Fousion Family. “And what do we do?” I ask Kenor. He’s a very energetic artist, you should know, with an incredibly captivating presence. His wife and young daughter stand on the sidelines, eagerly watching. “We don’t communicate verbally when painting, let’s speak artistically to each other.”

BOOOM, and off we go. Full of energy, we both start moving across the initially large white surface of the canvas. We have three hours to complete the work.

©2023 Julia Benz