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Our partnership with Maze Gallery this issue introduces a brilliant contemporary artist. Julia Benz
Julia resists strict formalisms preferring expressive freedom la her painting that’s striking in its directness. For her, colours are emotions that shock and fascinate. drawing you into a bottomless cosmos as their dominance battles with the sensuality of painting itself.

Julia Benz studied painting at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and at the Universität der Künste Berlin, and graduated as a matter student in painting, in the city where she now lives and works, In addition to solo and group exhibitions, she has contributed to projects and workshops in Brazil Sudan, Uganda, Bangkok and Finland in cooperation with Goethe Institute.

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In this issue we had always planned to remind everyone, whether you are a featured artist or a viewer, that being yourself is all we are interested in. The phrase ‘Come As You Are’ penned originally by Kurt Cobain, perfectly expresses everything we believe in and everything we feel; without having to go into each area of what we apply it to. Your style of work, your dress sense, your music taste, your sexual orientation, your colour, your beliefs. Everything. Art & Photography is a visual representation of the world we are in right now. A timestamp of today, despite whether it’s been influenced by the past or a time to come.

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