Satellite Installation Vienna Art Week

presented by Galerie Gerald Hartinger
Vienna, Austria 2019

On Saturday, November 16, 2019, Galerie Gerald Hartinger presented the performance “Satellite” together with the Berlin-based artist Julia Benz.

Making Truth is the inner autopilot that enters when disorientation begins

In the darkened basement, on the occasion of the Vienna Art Week with the motto “Making Truth”, visitors have the opportunity to simultaneously become a part of the space and at one with it. To minimize influence on the viewers, they can orient themselves solely by the “floating” fluorescent artworks and sounds in the room, inevitably engaging with their own sensations. Depending on the location and arrangement of the panels, which constantly change through movement in the space, a newly composed image emerges, thus presenting a subjective truth for the participants of the performance. Inspired by outer space, Julia Benz creates a space in which humans act as satellites in the interplay of inner and outer truths. Live sound guides visitors through the atmospheres and into outer space. “Making Truth is the inner autopilot that kicks in when disorientation begins.”

©2023 Julia Benz