Out of mind. Just in Time.

Solo Exhibition presented by Galerie Gerald Hartinger
Vienna, Austria 2019

On 23rd October the Galerie Gerald Hartinger together with the artist Julia Benz and numerous invited guests celebrated the opening of the exhibition “OUT OF MIND. JUST IN TIME “. In addition to a selection of canvases and paper works, the wall painting designed by Benz on the ground floor of the gallery in Spiegelgasse 21 was admired for the first time this evening.

Galerie Gerald Hartinger welcomes visitors until the 26th of November 2019 and is pleased to present the performance “Satellite” of the artist Julia Benz at the Vienna Art Week 2019 on November  at 1pm.

Out of mind. Just in time.

The artist Julia Benz works with both figurative and abstract elements. In her work, which often arises intuitively and without a fixed concept, she manages to tell stories indirectly. Whether using oil, acrylic, spray paint, or ink on wood or canvas, she skillfully depicts nature and other influences in a contrasting and multi-layered manner.

Trained at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and with a keen interest in street art, the artist, born in 1985, not only works and experiments in the studio but also creates murals in both private and public spaces. Examples include works at the German headquarters of Facebook in Berlin and an exterior wall of the Canadian Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan.

For the exhibition, Julia Benz will be creating a mural on the ground floor of the Gerald Hartinger Gallery. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness the process of mural painting over two days before the exhibition opens. After several stops in Germany, the artist will be working on-site in Austria for the first time, showcasing a “Benzstallation” in the basement of the Gerald Hartinger Gallery alongside selected works from recent years during the Vienna Art Week.

Photos by Chiara Milo

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