Solo Exhibition
Galerie Gerken, Berlin 2019


Our inner emotional world is in continuous interaction with the everyday events that surround us. These events influence the dynamics and intensity of our emotions and shape our existence and actions. Julia Benz’s new solo exhibition, Catharsis focuses on the potential of this intro-extro exchange and shows the purifying power of emotional reflection in the picturesque process. Through the accompanying challenges of artistic expression she finds way to new aesthetic concepts that are being not only reflection but perspective as well.

Julia Benz: “The exploration of color as expression and medium in relation to form and composition is my current focus. I concentrate intensively on the exchange between these fundamental elements of painting and I try to get to the source of their power to understand the basic characteristics and so to be able to portray the pure dialogue between these forces. This gives the freedom to the viewer to feel and interpret my work freely. And it also gives space for their own impressions, namely the discovery of emotions in the form and color of landscapes.”

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