Facebook Office Berlin

for FB Air Programm
Berlin 2018

Last summer I got invited to paint a mural for @fbairprogram at the Berlin Facebook office. It was a fun project and I enjoyed playing around with colors and lines, both I love very much.

About FB Air Program

The program brings in a diverse range of artists to work on campus alongside employees as a means to energize, inspire, and challenge the community. We value the contagious nature of creative production and the connection made when witnessing a work in progress. Bringing in relevant art projects to the campus reinforces our ideal work environment and encourages original thinking.

Artists have always played the role of storytellers by connecting people to culture and new ideas, and Facebook’s Art Program inspires discovery and empathy by inviting artists to experiment and pursue ambitious projects in our global spaces.

People are at the center of our work at Facebook, and working alongside art that emphasizes the handmade and shares personal stories is a way to constantly remind ourselves that our work revolves around the human experience. Art is at its best when we build connection by seeing ourselves reflected in something outside of our own perspectives.

We value curiosity and innovation, collaborating with artists who have made strong contributions in their field and express diverse perspectives in order to strengthen our own internal culture. By reflecting the changing world around us and aiming to raise social consciousness through art, our Artist-in-Residence challenges and delights daily, while also creating community and inspiring positive transformation globally.

(source Facebook AIR Program)

Some thoughts during progress at Facebook Office in Berlin

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