Studiobenz Summer 2017

News from the Studio: A mirror of problems and solutions
August 2017

The last months in summer where we actually didn´t really have a summer here in Berlin, have been busy in progress at the studio.
As usual.
Not so usual is to have a routine in my work, and if there is one showing up I better take care to break it.
Developing means leaving the comfort zone and it is not that easy as it sounds sometimes. It means to not know the next step, to face failure, frustration and insecurity.

What comes out at the end is a mirror of problems and solutions which have been found with the tools I have right now in this lifetime.
The more experiences come, the more frustration I have been through, the better I will be prepared for the coming chaos.

Photo 04.08.17, 20 04 42
Photo 03.08.17, 23 37 51
Photo 02.08.17, 13 15 33
Photo 01.08.17, 12 27 19
Photo 25.07.17, 19 40 35
Photo 20.08.17, 01 10 45

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