Studiobenz 2015

an annual review
Uferstudios Berlin 2015

The year 2015 is over soon. Like every year is now the best time to hold on for a second to lean back and remember. Sometimes in live we forget what we have already achieved. Photos always help me to feel the moments and emotions again. They also help me to perceive all the wonderful projects and hard work I have been through in the past year.

Process is progress with it´s ups and downs, not only in front of the canvas… Very sure, that the next challenges are already waiting for me in 2016.
I feel ready and grateful to get the chance of making so many different experiences in 2015. Not possible without the support of you guys and people believing in my art and what I am doing.
Thank you everyone. Hope to see you next year!

Love and Peace.


And now some Highlights I would like to share with you:

Vantage Point Radio Berlin Interview with James Bullough and Tom Auto64

Vantage Point Teaser 1

Vantage Point

Painting the National Theater for Viva con Agua in Kampala, Uganda

Uganda 1

Uganda 2

Group Exhibition “60 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg” with Heliumcowboy Artspace at Affenfaust Gallery in Hamburg


Scope Art Basel with Heliumcowboy Artspace in Basel, Switzerland


Millerntor Gallery #5 at St. Pauli Stadion in Hamburg


Masterclass Degree in Painting at University of Art in Berlin


“Yalla” Mural in Düsseldorf

WallBenz 5 Low Res

Solo Exhibition “Lost in Trainstation” with Heliumcowboy Artspace in Hamburg



Art.Fair Cologne with Die Kunstagentin


Yalla Go Paint Khartoum 2015 Workshop and supporting project management

unnamed (14)

unnamed (15)


Yalla Khartoum Benz vor Wand Africa Street web

Photo 18.11.15, 13 49 10



Thank you.

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