With the project series “Yalla!” we want to foster cultural exchange between German and Sudanese youth cultures and establish a forum to give young people the chance to express themselves through artistic and creative activities, and to build long lasting networks. We try to give people the chance to gain an insight into the German cultural scene and various contemporary youth cultures. Speak your mind and engage yourself in your society through arts!

Workshops were held by the following guest artists in November 2014:

Rap with Samy Deluxe www.samy-deluxe.de/
Make beats with Matteo Capreoli www.matteocapreoli.de
Paint with Julia Benz www.juliabenz.de/
Skate with Samuel Beyer www.reelljeans.com/en/samuel-beyer

The results of the workshops were presented during the Yalla! Khartoum festival on 22.11.2014 at the Green Yard in Khartoum.

All the songs that are used in the movie were produced during the Yalla! music workshops in 2014 in the studio of the Mahdi Production Company with around 15 local artists in cooperation with Samy Deluxe and Matteo Capreoli.

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This short documentary was done by Sadig Ahmed, a Sudanese film maker and photographer.