Cyan Mural at Paypal Office in Berlin (Germany)


As a good start in 2020 I got invited by Paypal Berlin to paint a mural in their office at Dreilinden. During the weekend it was a quiet place, which made the painting progress a quite calm one. To not overload the room with the an intense painting on a full wall, I decided to create a canvas-like mural, which perfectly fit into the architecture of the place.


JuliaBenz_PayPal2020_Dokumentation_010JuliaBenz_PayPal2020_Dokumentation_011 JuliaBenz_PayPal2020_Dokumentation_012 JuliaBenz_PayPal2020_Dokumentation_015 JuliaBenz_PayPal2020_Dokumentation_016 JuliaBenz_PayPal2020_Dokumentation_018 JuliaBenz_PayPal2020_Dokumentation_024JuliaBenz_PayPal2020_Dokumentation_029JuliaBenz_PayPal2020_Dokumentation_038