Studio moods autumn 2017


For those who haven’t followed my Instagram Account @benzpainting, there have been some turbulent weeks in the Studio.

Sometimes painting hurts. I feel the pain in my body, head and chest. Progress can be so hard when you are full of multiple things at the same time and there doesn’t seem to be a way out. Being afraid of the next step, afraid of failure and not knowing step number two. One of those days… Moving forward ist the only way then, it can not get worse anyways. And always play good music!
Talking with other people about the current progress of my paintings is something I honestly have to be in the mood for. I am not always open for critics and discussion, but definitely after a frustrating day in the studio before. Sweat and tears, I can tell! ✨

Thanks to my love and painter Tamim Sibai for helping me to be able to “see” again. To see what I have actually been doing the past weeks 👀Painting has rarely felt that difficult like in the past weeks… wondering if there is something happening…




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