Scottsdale Ala Niz Mural by JBAK & Julia Benz

Scottsdale Ala Niz Mural – JBAK & Julia Benz from karl addison on Vimeo.

The first official JBAK piece back in the US. Proud to share it as a collaboration with Julia Benz.

The initial idea and concept was “layers.” Different textures, colors and shapes to build up the background in preparation for the foreground. The main composition is a tribute to a fellow artist and inspiration “Ala niz.” Once the foreground of the main composition was complete we brought the background back on top to create more layers of depth.

Big thank you to all the folks at The Brat Haus for your support and letting us paint. Thanks to Julia Benz for working with us and helping make this mural come to life. Thanks to Zach from Hardlines for spending the week with us to document.


Video Production Credit: Hardlines